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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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serve something other than what he calls heavy alcohol. the police department asking liquor stores to sell cans instead of bus autos we're not going to have electric buses out. we're going to have diesel buses that are able to maneuver around crowds and be redirected. >> something the mayor hoped would contain the crowd is off the table. a big screen to broadcast the game outside city hall like for the world series. the nfl says no. it's copy righted material. >> it's a business decision on their part. we'll respect it. it could help us center maybe some celebrations we're going to keep the city safe. >> lee may stay in town to monitor the situation but is working on a friendly wager with baltimore's mayor and preparing to saver the beat
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i'm looking for recipe chefs to help me do peace peach pie because i've got 25 pounds coming from georgia. >> the mayor going to visit merchants next week, several departments will meet and the city wants to keep the reputation untarnished. iz of the owners are on the bay area as 49ers submit a bid to host super bowl 50 in 2016. >> they'll have an official something or other. if this will be the first time brothers have coached against each other. so who are the parents rooting for? jack and jackie spoke about that on a call today along with sister, joany. the call interrupted by a fake reporter. >> and this is unchartered
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waters. >> the family says they will root for both sons and teams come super bowl sunday. >> we're neutral in the super bowl. and we're just excited that they have brought their teams to the pinnacle of sports and the super bowl is the ultimate accomplishment. >> for jack harbaugh and coach, it's all about being a father first. he understands with so much to be proud of, one son will not go home with a trophy. >> now, they're in the nfl and i think more as a parent now than i do as a coach. >> then, a surprise guest during the call. somebody pretending to be a >> reporter:er which son they liked the most. >> question with baltimore sit true that both of you like jim better than john? >> you're nuts! >> john? is this john?
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>> is that john harbaugh? >> that is me, john. >> mom was ready to come through the phone. >> the sister saved the day. someone else divided loyalties tonight is nancy pelosi. we caught up with her in san francisco, asking who she was throwing her support behind. she is a baltimore native but fans tell us she'll be rooting for red and gold. >> i've been a baltimore sports fan growing up, but raising children in san francisco and san francisco sports fan. and of course that, is my consistency and who i rep scent support in the super bowl. >> good call. we'll hear from collin kaepe kaepernick.
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well teal you about his local connection coming up. i'll be heading to new orleans to cover the run along with mike shumann, cast of thousands and you know, shu is a former niner. and won knit 19816789 very a feeling the ring will be on distlai plai this week and everybody will be bringing you the best super bowl coverage imaginable, tweeting behind the scenes updates skbh's going to be a lot of fun. >> yes. and you have to admit the ring is cool. >> yes. >> shiny and chevy. >> yes. a contract worker in san francisco was seriously injured today trimming trees. the man suffered head trauma when a thousand pound tree fell on him. crews cleaned up after the accident. the workers name and conhave not been released. there has been color for us on live doppler 7 hd today.
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spencer christian is here now with a look at what is on it now. >> most of the color confined as we look at live doppler 7 hd. should i step back? we have an issue here, i can show you down in san jose, we have had quite a bit of rainfall. and up in the each bay, we had some heavy down pours last couple hours. and rainfall totals so far in livermore nearly a quarter inch. last 12 hours, san jose a third of an inch. look at san francisco, oakland, novato. no measurable rain in those areas and just a trace of fairfield conk skbrord hayward. you can see this has been a south bay and east bay event. but the event hasn't ended.
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i'll give you the accu-weather forecast in just a few minute autos we'll see you shortly. >> san francisco police are looking for two men who robbed two family run pharmacies at gun point last week. take a look. you can see him jump behind the counter. they took prescription drug wtz word oxy on them. in a second incident, the men draw their guns. police believe the men are after oxycodone. robberies took place in san francisco no one was zblurd either robbery. >> governor brown delivered a state of the state address today at the top of the agenda, california's road to financial recovery. not everybody is pleased with this plan. >> with the state budget stabilized, governor brown says it's time to move on. in his speech since retaking
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office, democrat outlined lofty goals for the year, aimed at building his legacy. california high speed rail project will breakdown this year. state will ramp up to begin implementing president obama's federal affordable care act and forthing ahead with twin tunnels to move water north to south through the san joaquin delta. >> two years ago they're writing our obituary. it didn't happen. california is back and we're on the move. >> some republicans are scratching their heads. the governor congrad rated lawmakers if for cutting the budget but this year's projects are pricey. >> that is a guy ramping up the budget. >> advocates for the poor also criticized the governor. sabrina experienced $15 billions cuts that state made
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to the safety net since 2008 but there are no plans to help her, or others, this year. >> makes me feel like they don't want us. like they're leaving us out to where it's only about wealthy people. like they don't care about the poor people. >> biggest applause came when the governor talked about keeping college affordable. >> tuition increases are not the answer. i'm not going let the stud yints in california become financiers of our colleges and universities. >> you only want to pay and get our degree, just move on. >> the governor announced plans to take a trip to china this year. >> the international guard rescue wing is deploying in afghanistan this week. some personnel and equipment just left with this plane taking off within the past hour. abc 7 news is live at moffett field for us. >> this helicopter is the air force version of the black
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hawk. it's specially equipped for rescue missions and today, it was loaded on to a cargo plane to make the trip this, video show how they fly into casualties in all kinds of terrain under all conditions including under fire. >> when we do evacuations our zbol to get to injured as soon as we can. sometimes that means a fire fight is going on. >> this major is loafing behind her job as an aerospace engineer, her husband, and three kids under the age of four. >> i drive my kids to school. and you know, i come home at night, making them dinner. i have a normal life. outside of doing this. >> she's been deployed to iraq before. this is the first time to afghanistan. for this pilot it's the third time to afghanistan.
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>> this is my fourth. i knew people were with us. so... you know, it's people have been here a lot of times. you know? over the course of the past, you know, 11 years. >> they'll be stationed on the front lines of afghanistan. same skills overseas are put to use at home. >> these are the same forces that just several months ago, were deploying to hurricane sandy. before that, we're fighting wildfire autos the forces today have known for about nine months, giving them time to prepare. it turns out california is an ideal place for them to train as much terrain here is similar to what is found in afghanistan. >> still to come here tonight, california senator feinstein leads a new charge on capitol hill to ban assault weapons. a police chief responds to
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opposition by the nra. >> a 7 on your side investigation proms regulators to look into a company accused of misrepresenting work as part of a government rebate program. i'm michael finney. the story is straight ahead. >> also tonight a san francisco water front property about to get an extreme makeover. moving forward without forgetting its past. >> and. >> i company whose
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california senator
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feinstein is trying again to get assault weapons banned. on capitol hill today, she introduces a bill to outlaw 158 military style assault weapons and claims to have a lot of backing. this is a photo sent to abc 7 news by a local contingent in washington today in support of the bill. mark? >> we wanted to come to oakland because oakland has suffered from gun violence and will be hearing from residents. this morning's press conference, senator feinstein walked in with lawmakers, clergy and victims of gun violence. all supporting her call for a ban. >> we prohibit 158 military style firearms. >> it would stop sale, trance ferks imfor taigs and manufacture of assault weapons
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and clips that hold more than 10 bullets. >> military style assault weapons have but one purpose n my view that is a military purpose. so-to-hold at the hip if possible to spray fire, to be able to bill large numbers. >> feinstein knows it will be an uphill fight in congress. >> as a citizen we're allowed to protect ourselves. we should be able to carry whatever i, i think, use whatever guns we want. >> do you support it? >> no. i don't think that is the proper solution. >> backers are hoping to public opinion will change after the shooting in connecticut. senator durbin said it's important they speak out. >> we cannot do this without you. we need to have your value
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vacation. >> howard jordan son board. >> if you look at what they do, they have no place in a city like oakland or any urban environment. >> national rifle association reresponded today with this statement. it's disappointing but not surprised she's focused on curtailing the constitution instead of prosecutin prosecuting -- prosecuting criminals or fixing our broken mental health sis tismt howard jordan responded. >> for me, i think they need to get, just get a reality check about what is happening on the streets. what impact of the weapons is causing to the community so they can protect our citizens. >> since the shooting at sandy hook school there has been talk about banning assault weapons. we spoke with one gun dealer
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who told me sales of assault weapons have gone up 300%. >> mark, thank you. police say a comment about shoes proceeded a shooting of two high school students. police say teens were walking along a path under the tracks between lincoln and stockton avenues when two men approached them. one asked students about shoes and then, opened fire. albany high urging students to take precautions when talking -- walking to, and from school. >> water service back for residents on a green brai street. take a look at the pictures. a water main bursed about 2:00 this morning. that spewed water into the street. 14 homes left without water and crews were busy replacing the pipe and patching up the
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street. water way is more than 60 years old. >> we did see a lit louisville bit of rain out there today. >> right true. here, we are we are we didn't see much. san jose got quite a bit. livermore just got a drenching. here is a live view there downtown fran san under mainly cloudy skies. the area diminished quite a bit. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. and you can see, there it s you can see a patch of rainfall in the south bay reaching to the east bay. notice this is getting dry around san jose now. this area received most of the rain during the day. we had quite a drenching near livermore that tapered off to light rainfall now.
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the area of rain is shifting eastward. around the bay area, temperatures into row to mid-50s. 56 in san francisco and oakland. 55 in freemon. these are the features. rain tapering off tomorrow, we'll have showers during the day. a cooler pattern settles in for the weekend. satellite shows low pressure system off shore, dropping south ward. circulation around that low is bringing us wrap around moisture, and scattered showers. pulling south here comes more showers from a cold front moving down. that will bring us cooler air as well. starting at 7:00 this evening, we'll see showers continuing into early morning. looks like it's going to be a wet commute. 5:00 in the morning then, during daytime we'll see showers and breaks of sun here
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or there. showers tapering off, here comes a front, saturday, bringing us more showers. cool air follows it. rainfall totals by 7:00 between quarter skpimpblg three quart glerz the south bay. up to 1500 in the north bay. seera, a chance of showers tomorrow, just a slight showers, greater chance of showers saturday cold air moves in for sunday. that produces a chance of snow showers. back in the bay area, low temperatures mid to upper 40s. mild pattern overtight, tomorrow, scattered showers, breaks of sunshine. he temperatures around 60 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. sligts chance of showers saturday and sunday. other cooler conditions, high temperatures only into mid-50s throughout the skbeekd into monday, tuesday. some milder weather in the
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middle. week. >> thank you. >> okay. >> just ahead, on abc 7 news at 6:00 planning ahead for the lunar new year and
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>> tonight, a tale of two stocks. apple closed down 63 points. most of the change came after the clogsing bell yesterday when both companies issued earnings report, apple missed estimates, net flix adding two million subscribers. the dow gaining 46. united airlines posted a $620 million loss for last quarter saying would it slash jobs to help balance books. the airline said bookings are solid. says it acquired a company in poland that makes speech recognition software. >> san francisco officials are bringing back a year old program to help businesses in china town. starting this saturday, san francisco will prohibit curbside parking along five
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blocks of stockston street so businesses in that corridor can set up outdoor displays during weeks leading up to lunar new year to ensure safety of a large crowd of shopper that's they're expecting. >> we want pedestrians to stay within the stalk sidewalks. we'll have it care bided-sh barricaded off. >> merchants will have to get special permits and parking will be off limits between 9:00 in the morning and 7:00 at night. >> there is more still to come here tonight. just ahead, michael finney looks into whether some homeowners may have been misled about energy upgrades to home autos and mani teo about the girlfriend hoax he fell for. turns out he wasn't talking to a woman. >> another bay area resident with divided loyalty ofrtz super bowl. we'll hear from joe flako's brothe
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there are questions whether some consumers are being misled into thinking energy upgrades are part of a program. >> michael finney has been investigating this issue and joins us now. >> that is two state regulatory agencies have opened their own investigations into this issue. and one grandmother is just wondering when the central heating she paid for will work the way she wants. >> gets too hot here. in the bathroom. >> she's talking about the central heating system installed in her home, most of the house is too warm. she says she has opposite problem in the living room. >> living room it was no air. no warm air. >> arma agreed to pay for installation of central heating and removeal of a old
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fashioned wall unit. >> they identified themselves as calling from pg&e and wanting to know if they'd be interested in energy upgrade savings program. >> a representative of the program wrote out an estimate for $7650 during a home visit. the estimate was written on a form with a pg&e logo displayed on the top. central did the work but charged $9200. she figured off after paying off the loan the project will cost her $19,000 after interest. we contacted pg&e to find out more about the upgrade program and it's relationship to the contractor central. >> this is one of our contractors here to provide upgrade programs. >> she says energy upgrade california is a joint program of the california energy
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commission and california public utilities commission. designed to encourage energy savings through rebates. it's different from the energy upgrade program, can that solicited work forearma's heating system. energy upgrade program is a private entity. a check of the public records filed with the secretary of state office shows that jeff sandoval is listed as the public kkt contact for the program. we reached sandoval by phone. he said he was only with the company less than two months, and knew nothing about this situation. no one with the program returned our calls for comment. pg&e tells us they're looking closely into central. >> we're investigating the complaints that central misused our logo and have been promoting energy upgrade program, not affiliated with any pg&e program. >> central is based in
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roseville, the owner declined to comment but by phone told us that the energy upgrade program provided leads on jobs in exchange for a fee. central denies representing themselves as a government sponsored program. we talked about the programs in their market whether choosing an upgrade that qaul fizz or not is up to them. central did agree to do work forearma and installed an additional vent in the living room but it remains a work in progress. >> it blows heat. out. insideways. it doesn't blow down on you. >> both the california public utilities commission and license board launched their own investigation. >> interesting. thank you. >> there has been a twist in the hoax involving manti fgs
6:33 pm
to skpe. girlfriend that never exyiftd a cording to his attorney the mastermind of the hoax admitted he disguysed his voice to sound like a woman n an interview airing here on abc 7 today, couric asked about the conversations. >> she came out of her coma, when she was on the phone with you. the phone was next to her. >> yes. >> what did you hear on the earth end end of the line? >> just breathing first. and one of shows those, she's just breathing then started to whisper my name. and i am jumping for joy, like she's out, you know? and she's talking. i was a little... confident like see? they're right i do help her. >> he played some of the voice
6:34 pm
mails and katie couric said she thought it sounded like a woman's voice. the notion this guy could have pretended to be a female for a year is hard to believe but that is the story. >> happening now, police detonating a catch of chemicals. they belong to a researcher who is injured when some chemicals exploded last week. the man is in jail tonight. >> investigators discovered reasons why a battery burs into the flames. the incident occurred in boston. investigators said a short circuit and an uncontrolled reaction took place inside of the batry. they don't know which came first or why it happened. faa grounded all 878s operated by u.s. airlines.
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>> tonight a poll shows more than 70% of americans approve of women in combat. the defense department eliminate that had exclusion. a majority of service members say women must be able to do the physical part of the job as well. that will be worked out down the road. now, it's out with the old, in with the new. >> general dempsey and i are pleased to announce that we're eliminating the direct ground combat rule for women. we wear the same uniform, importantly, we take the same oath. >> president obama said allowing women to serve speaks to the commitment to fairness and equality. >> coming up a new trend has workers using their mobile devices on the job. >> coming up next a company that found a way to ak celebrate the app e
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the whole worltd moves from computers to mobile devices study suggests a group
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lagging behind is big company autos abc 7 news is explaining what they're doing to catch up, and what could happen if they don't. >> this synchronize was our servers to pull down the content. >> brad webber showing how to give a sales presentation using an ipad. something done for years, but sales people say they just rather use a tablet. >> it's easy for people to gather around the device to have a more conversational and engaging experience. than they would through power point and lap top. >> if your company had a right app that is great this, study suggests corporations don't. they're struggling to catch up with a change m how they're employees work. >> i tried to call dyod. they're bringing ipad or an droid device or iphone or anything nels. >> the survey of almost 800 executives. 40% said they built zero or
6:40 pm
one mobile app over the years rmt. >> so today they're trying to develop three separate tool sets and languages three different environments to build and reach users whenever they're at y would a big business want to build mobile apps? if don't have it, down load one off the store, that opens up security holes and usibility holes for you. >> the ak celebrateor -- ac accelerateor says companies will build apps because it means employees will do more work. >> they're able to accomplish real work on the tablet computer? that is 30 minutes of time whu not have had if you did not have that mobile app.
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>> just ahead a property about to get an
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along neglected stretch of the san francisco water front sont verge of a transportation. the port commission got a look this afternoon. 18,000 people worked here during world war ii tonight abc 7 news anchor looks into the plan to move forward without forgetting the past. >> gold rush was still in full swing when pier 70 became a repair port in the west coast playing a major role during spanish american and steel made here helped build the west. >> steel helped support the construction of the golden gate bridge, the project was
6:45 pm
construction of the bart trance bay tube in union machine shop. >> big ships still come to pier 70 but other industries have moved on. leaving a lifeless, 69 acre stretch of water front. the port is hoping to change that. with a $242 million plan to bring thousands of people to pier 70. >> there will be a dramatic change. a new destination for san francisco and also, for people of the region to come to enjoy and understand history of the site. >> the plans called for shops, restaurants and small manufacturing facilities. there will be a new bay front park. developer will handle a third of the pier. so far, there has been little opposition from neighbors. the developer says it wants the project to fit into the neighborhood.
6:46 pm
>> we see a great opportunity businessed on the hist rit of the sight that creates a locally inspired water front. >> it may take three years to hammer out the detail wtz port. the city signed off on a project to fix up half a dozen buildings. >> our job to make them safe. and these them out. >> they imagine an old power plant could become a restaurant. offices could be where new industries are created. each of the building presents challenges. the union iron works shop built in 1885 and the seize two of football field autos we've been advised by the port that this in risk of collapse. so if there is an earthquake, it won't be lost. >> he hopes to begin work
6:47 pm
later this year. the port wants to break down in 2014. for a story, aiming to start work in 2016. the city says together these projects will help remake pier 70. >> idea to bring it back to its historic levels of activity by both creating a new job center and as well as getting residents here. have you a vitality down here 24 hours per day. >> this project expected to take 10, maybe 20 years to complete. the developer will hold an open house saturday so, this saturday, rather. we'll have more on that and the link for you on abc 7 >> spence is back. >> here is a look at what was a rather expansive air of rainfall slung to this, light rain towards tracy area but there will be more overnight and tomorrow. the accu-weather forecast calls for lingering showers tomorrow, spare the air day tomorrow, declining air
6:48 pm
quality. just a slight chance of showers over the weekend. cooler air coming in. high temperatures saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, only into mid-50s. that is across the region. but we'll start to warm up a little bit next week. so warm showers, maybe a wet commute in the morning. >> larry is not looking ahead to the forecast here because he will be in new orleans. >> yes. >> what is the new orleans forecast? >> under the dome. >> yes. >> outside, they have weather. i may be indoors but anyway. coming up 49ers quarterback finding out how much attention is received when you make the super bowl. plus, nba reserves name today will david lee and
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comin kaepernick had a kos dose of what happens when you lead your team to the super bowl. this is what it's going to be like in new orleans. a group of reporters trying to get to him to ask questions. they met, remember, prekaepernick without their
6:52 pm
star linebacker. niners offensive line has done a better job of protecting their quarterback. kap is mobile allowing two sacks in past two game autos i think our pass protection in general improved as far as time on task. and i can guarantee it's going to be a great competition there. they're a good defense, and i think our players understand that. and are excited for the challenge. >> they're going to try to cover them up. >> the trophy at ravenens practice today, players took picture was the trove yeeny, then, ray lewis said no way. we're not doing that until after we win. lewis is the only player playing in super bowl 35 and baltimore beat the gichblts he's been the leader 17 years
6:53 pm
but retiring after this game. and he says ravens were in good hands with joe flako. >> there are guy that's can help step into that role. i think joe has a great advantage and head start to become a true leader you know? i e.had to come out of the shell a little bit. this is a great candidate for it. >> are the flako brothers next? you know about joe flako getting ready for the super bowl but his brother is a sophomore wide receiver at stanford, recruited by then coach jim harbaugh. >> i've got to root for my brother. it's kind of a weird twist in this story. >> there is a lot more to this story. it be there along with wayne
6:54 pm
freedman. >> the reserves announced today. david lee laz become the first warriors player since letrell spreewell to be chosen for the contest. this is going to be lee's second all star game appearance. well deserved for lee. and seth curry should have been on this team. coaches saying come on, coaches you're better than that. here is reaction from lee in video provided by warriors. >> my teammates is my best friend, unbelievable gichl he's having a tremendous season. so it's a bittersweet moment. just going to concentrate on being excited and crossing my fingers he finds a way to make it. >> the sharks are back finally
6:55 pm
tonight hosting phoenix coyotes. san jose opened with two road wins, one in edmonton. it's the first home game for san jose in nine months and the tank will be a rocking. >> you know just show your appreciation anyway you can. and here they've been good and gracious to us. you know? it's going to be crazy out there. and just get ready to start. it's an important game. >> yes. >> joe thornton saving his energy for the game there in that interview. >> join me tonight at 9:00 coming up, just in time for the super bowl. an army of volunteers gives a veteran a makeover in one day that. sat 9:00. >> then at 11:00 here on abc 7 handling rejection. one trait making getting dumped or losing a job easier to handle.
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>> jimmy kimmel live now airs at 11:35. tooblt's guest is matt damon. >> really? >> yes. really. >> he's going to be on. >> truly. >> we'll see. usually he clowns matt damon at the end of the show. >> he's there. >> we'll see. >> that is it nor edition of abc 7 news. i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson from. all of us, thanks for joining us. have a great evening. blp
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